As a professional tattoo artist you know your artwork will be exposed to a variety of conditions after leaving your studio.

It needs to be well protected during it’s initial healing period to ensure that process is proper and complete. This is it’s most vulnerable period so the new tattoo absolutely needs the best help available.

Dermalize has created a complete aftercare line, developed exclusively for artists who want the best care possible for their creations.

Why choose us

Why choose us

Dermalize products are currently endorsed by more than 80 first class tattoo artists, who make up the Dermalize Pro Team and more than 100 Supporters, who provide their contribution to making the brand name recognized and consolidated all over the world.

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“I use ti every day and all the tattoos are tattooing really great with it and I can’t recommend this product enough really.
There’s few brands of this film actually available now on the market. I haven’t try all of them and I can’t really comment on all of them. I use the Dermalize and I am super happy with this one! It’s like, it’s the way.”

Anrijs Straume, Tattoo Artist
“I used Dermalize on my legs. I’ve had both of my legs tattooed for two days from my ankles to my knees. I used it for the two weeks after for the healing and it was perfect. It led me to do anything that I needed to do, shower, sleep, work and it was perfect. Dermalize, that’s it!”
Jeff Gogue, Tattoo Artist
“It is a really innovative product, specially engineered for the healing and aftercare of the tattoo. What I was particularly suprised by was the fact that it allows the skin to breath. It does not suffocate like under the regular cellophane, which has been used until current days. It is an incredible product that may be used under the shower, it is waterproof and very resistant and what’s more, it accelerates the tattoo healing process, which is top important.”
Moni Marino, Tattoo Artist
“Dermalize Pro? That’s the shit man! You wanna use that? It’s time to use it! No more bad healing, the customers are not gonna come back anc complaint because you don’t know how to take care of the tattoo. You will be surprised, no scab, no nothing, the tattoo will look perfect.”
Murran Billi, Tattoo Artist
“For me this is the first and best product of this kind that I have tested because it fits perfectly any shape of the body. It works very well on any tattoo for which I have provided aftercare so far. The most important thing for me was the feedback from my clients who had tried it. Which was very positive in every single case and they loved to wear it.”
Ralf Nonweiler, Tattoo Artist
“I’ve used Dermalize for some time now. Wearing such a thing product it is very easy to breath, so it’s so much better for myself and for the clients because the advice I give them is so easy to follow and it’s so thin it fits on all those problem areas that usually are tough to wrap, are tough to look after. Obviously is such a light product. It’s just better for all round use. Dermalize, that’s it!””
David Corden, Tattoo Artist
“I like it because it allows the tattoo to breath and the colours look better after the healing process is done”
Randy Engelhard, Tattoo Artist
“I used Dermalize because my work is so detailed. There are many layers and it damages the skin a bit more that if it would be just blackwork or you know just grey wash. For that reason I’ve chose to use Dermalize, because it helps to heal faster and it keeps the tattoo clean for a few days. I think the clients, I mean they love it because there is so much less hustle. It’s also less stress for me because I do not have to worry, how’s it gonna heal, it there’s gonna be any scars there. It’s just a relief. It’s the best thing that ever happened. Protect Your Art guys, it’s important!”
“Dermalize helps me to make sure that my tattoos are looked after and that stay clean and heal nice and faster. I think they heal faster then the regular way. It’s easier for the customer to look after their tattoos in this way. Dermalize, that’s it”
Remis, Tattoo Artist

“Dermalize is better becuase is so much easier for my customers. Beacuse is sterilized product and they’ve used it and they are really happy about it. They don’t have problems with getting their clothes dirty. They just use this product and after some days the tattoo is almost healed. That’s why for me Dermalize is the best. Protect Your Art!”

Pancho, Tattoo Artist
“I use Dermalize because it’s idiot proof! You know, you can stick that on and the client doesn’t need to worry”
Jak Connolly, Tattoo Artist
“It menimizes the contact the client is having with the tattoo. So it menimizes the risk of any infection or just anything getting in it and messing around”
Sam Barber, Tattoo Artist

“A futuristic product that is native in our industry”

Ryan Smith, Tattoo Artist
“Speaking of innovations, when I see an innovation of products like Dermalize I’m totally into it without asking questions because I like to work with people that use the brain. I’m happy using Dermalize because it’s just like the ultimate product for taking care of your tattoo after tattooing. You don’t even have to ask so many questions actually””
Tofi, Tattoo Artist
“Dermalize was designed to fill a gap thhere was in the process of tattooing. In fact there was the bad habit of using cling wrap to medicate the tattoo. These days, it is a matter of fact that even though cling wrap was used for many years in the tattoo industry. The cling wrap it is extremly dangerous for the tattoed skin. Dermalize instead, is a protective breathable film and it has been used for years in medicine to treat wounds similar to those that are created by tattooing.”
Alex De Pase, Tattoo Artist
“Dermalize compared to cling wrap is better because first of all it covers completely any part of the tattoo and nothing can come into contact with the tattoo. Second of all I can see that my clients that feel more comfortable especially when working”
Andrea Lanzi, Tattoo Artist

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