Take care of your tattoo. Take care of your skin!

Tattooing has been recognized as a form of art and tattoos deserve the same regard as paintings or other works of art
Dermalize has created a complete aftercare line specifically developed to protect and heal your brand new tattoo.

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As a professional tattoo artist you know your artwork will be exposed to a variety of conditions after leaving your studio.

It needs to be well protected during it’s initial healing period to ensure that process is proper and complete. This is it’s most vulnerable period so the new tattoo absolutely needs the best help available.

Dermalize has created a complete aftercare line, developed exclusively for artists who want the best care possible for their creations.


Hygienical medical products

Developed by professional tattoo artists

Maximum safety


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” is a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso and there’s so much truth in that.

Dermalize products are currently endorsed by 78 first class tattoo artists, who make up the Dermalize Pro Team and more than 100 Supporters, who provide their contribution to making the brand name recognized and consolidated all over the world.