Tattooing has been recognized as a form of art and tattoos deserve the same regard as paintings or other works of art.

Dermalize has created a complete aftercare line specifically developed to protect and heal your brand new tattoo.

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Tattoo models and tattoo collectors from all over the world have chosen to protect their tattoos with Dermalize products.

Read their reviews and find out why they chose Dermalize for their tattoo aftercare routine.

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“Hi I just wanted to say i have had a few tattoos on my body over the years and within the last week I finally caved in and bought myself some strips of the dermalize pro cover film and I have to say it’s a game changer for me ….heals faster,stops scabbing,stops the irritation…..and makes the final product near enough faultless…I will be buying more of these to have on my tattoos for the future ….thanks”
Thomas Ward, Client

“It’s good to use a good product around your skin. Like Dermalize is the best for me. Because there is a lot of work that the tattoo artist does. It doesn’t matter how good the artist is working. If you don’t take care of your skin, it’s ruined. You can destroy so much. when people ask me “how I can take care of the tattoo”, I always say choose the best artist, choose the best tattoo care Protect your art, use Dermalize!””

Makani Terror, Tattoo Model, Germany

“I think Dermalize PRO is so much better because it keeps the ink in the tattoo and every time I use it there’s no hustle. You don’t have to worry about your tattoo and you always know the result and the art is gobba be there and it’s gonna be protected”

Monami Frost, Tattoo Model, UK

“I work as a construction worker and all my tattoos have been healed with dermalize. My tattoos have been protected and healed quite well with it. Protect your art guys, it’s very important!”

Bartosz, Client, Poland

“I really don’t like cling wrap, which is specifically designed not to breath. I mean, that’s what cling wrap is designed to do. It is not let air through. Dermalize instead lets the tattoo, the skin breath. This stuff was meant for healing stuff like tattoos. It is supposed to do other things that are designed for other uses and people happen to use on tattoos.”

Gabe Ripley, Client