Allergic reactions are very rare. A small number of people with very sensitive skin are intolerant to the medical acrylic glue contained in Dermalize Protective Film and could show a faint redness after the first application of the film. This intolerance is normally manifested with a noticeable redness along the perimeter of the film within a few hours from its application. If the intolerance is mild, the benefits of Dermalize Protective Film are greater and therefore it is advisable to continue with the regular procedure. The redness should disappear in a short time, once the product has been removed and the skin is washed with Dermalize Soft Wash or any a mild soap. In case you experience abnormal skin irritation, a rash or other symptoms of an allergic reaction you should discontinue the use of Dermalize Protective Film. In such cases we recommend to wash the tattoo with plenty of water and Dermalize Soft Wash or any mild soap 3 / 4 times a day. After each wash let the skin dry and then apply a thin layer of Dermalize Velvet Cream. Continue with this procedure for 7/8 days until the tattoo is completely healed. At the end of the healing process, moisturize the skin with a moisturizing cream. We recommend using Dermalize Art-Care products as they have proved to be very efficacious after using Dermalize Protective Film.

IMPORTANT: Dermalize Protective Film should never be used on infected skin.