Please be advised that we regularly suggest to our clients that they should refrain from bathing in the bath-tub, going to a sauna or they should avoid swimming-pool-water or sea-salted-water for at least 2 or 3 weeks after the tattoo was done. This is due mainly because both sea water and swimming pool water are good collectors of bacteria and germs, and also because salt and chlorine tend to discolor freshly done tattoos.

Dermalize Protective FIlm is indeed waterproof, but the glue of the bandage will hold as long as it is exposed to the the relatively small amount of water of a shower and without too much friction. If immersed in water for hours, or associated to the physical movement of surfing, it will not hold (unless maybe it is applied all around a limb – fully around your arm or leg).

Hand in hand with avoiding salty or chlorine water, tattoo collectors should also avoid exposing a fresh tattoo to the sun. Also when the tattoo is healed and even later on in time, applying a sunscreen protection is always and definitely advisable. We recommend using Dermalize SUN 50 sunscreen protection as it has proved to be very efficacious after using Dermalize Protective Film.