Dermalize Protective Film can and is indeed used after microblading sittings. It is a medical film commonly used in post-surgery treatment, which is slightly more breathable and flexible, so more suitable for small or large scale tattoos.

Please note that after a microblading setting Dermalize should be replaced more frequently during the first 2 days. It is better to change the film 2 or 3 times a day in the first day, depending on how much exuding fluid your body is actually releasing under the Dermalize Protective Film. In the next days, when the skin starts being dry, make sure to apply a minimum amount of ointment on the microbladed area. To ensure the area is moist and help alleviate the bandage sticking we recommend the use of a non mineral oil ointment like Dermalize Velvet Cream applied thinly to the tattoo before applying Dermalize. We recommend using Dermalize Art-Care products as they have proved to be very efficacious after using Dermalize Protective Film.